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The dedicated Kelmscott team is ready to help you realize the promise of digital media by bringing email marketing, promotional websites, mobile apps and other interactive opportunities to life.

Easy system integration and support

We can work with all aspects of your marketing, including how it directly correlates to your internal reporting, KPIs, SiriusDecisions models and sales team support. Our teams can work with your existing marketing automation technology―Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, ActOn and soforth―and either create and execute campaigns within your instance or simply create and post to your instance for your team to launch, all the while supporting your marketing with industry best practices. We also can support how your marketing automation connects with your SFDC/Salesforce platform.

The key is that our strategists work hand-in-hand in with our designers, programmers, production and analytics teams to provide a single-source, closed-loop marketing solution. Ultimately, this cuts down on communication points and time, and provides a unified solution that you can turn on and off based on internal or market demands, or P&L needs.

Digital content that performs

In addition to back-end solutions, our on-staff programmers, data analysts and interactive content writers and designers work together to develop user-driven content, resource portals, paid search, data, variable data, customized microsites and a host of other options that build upon traditional marketing solutions.

We've had particular success with PURLs—personalized URLs that serve up individualized content to each person on your on- or offline mailing list.

Transparent data management

At Kelmscott, our experience in print has easily expanded into data management, ensuring that we can acquire, assemble, clean and manage data effectively to support people-driven, technology-driven campaigns. When clients deploy PURLs, for example, our data analysts are able to identify the source of leads using our proprietary KC Dashboard. Fully accessible to clients with a password-protected login, the dashboard allows you to discover how recipients engage on each day of a campaign—when emails are opened, click-throughs, buying patterns, forward and share clicks. The KC Dashboard reveals a history of marketing interaction and encourages trend analysis that strengthens your marketing.

Through insightful data analytics, we have the ability to aggregate hundreds of distinct data points and translate that information into human behavior, trends and interest patterns—all to help inform more effective email marketing, online promotions and integrated campaigns in the future.

Live your brand everywhere. Because that’s where your customers are: online, on their phones, sharing with friends, shopping at midnight, clicking through the net for their next big thing. Everywhere.