Automobile Manufacturer

An automobile manufacturer felt its existing in-dealership banner program wasn’t effective enough. The limited number of banners and quality display locations minimized its message. Additionally, the existing banner and frame didn’t hold up well when exposed to the elements in the service bays. They were looking for additional solutions to deliver the monthly incentive message throughout the entire store.

Kelmscott was invited to visit the two dealerships, where it was learned that the client wanted the message delivered in different shapes and sizes throughout the facility. The dealership representatives were also looking for ways to place the message in non-traditional locations. After listening to the needs and concerns of the clients, Kelmscott offered them a variety of better quality banner stands, wall decals, floor decals and window decals. In the end, the manufacturer offered the dealerships 3 different signage packages. One package was the existing banner program, the second package included a banner and minimal amount of decals, third package offered a complete solution of additional banners and a large variety of decals.

The number of dealerships participating in the Midwest region banner program grew from 36 to 44 in the first month of the new signage options being offered. Several dealers commented on the increased variety of signs as well as the versatility and quality of the new decals that can be placed throughout the facility.

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