By Kelmscott Communications on 7/29/2016 1:00 AM

In today's world, nothing is free. The ketchup or BBQ sauce that used to be included in your McDonald's meal is now 25 cents in addition to your meal. The refills of your drink at a restaurant are also an additional charge. The extra bags at the airport, same thing. In a world where everything has an additional cost, we should want to give our clients something valuable for FREE. At Rider Dickerson, we settled on something we believe is extremely powerful.

By Kelmscott Communications on 7/22/2016 1:00 AM

I know what you're thinking as you roll your eyes: Another blog written by a person in print telling you to "choose print, buy print!" I get it, but in all honesty, I am not the only millennial who feels this way. In my house, I have two young kids. Print is king! We read books, color in coloring books, and make posters for lemonade stands. I try to limit their screen time (in reality, that's easier said than done). When you have to concentrate and need a few minutes of quiet time, handing the phone over seems like a good option.

By Kelmscott Communications on 7/15/2016 1:00 AM

At a recent Saturday morning breakfast with my children, we met a man sitting alone at a nearby table. After chatting for a few minutes, I inquired about his eagle-embellished, camouflage-patterned hat, assuming that it identified him as a veteran. We learned that not only was he a combat veteran, but that as a young man he had enlisted in the U.S. Army, became an airborne medic, and jumped out of helicopters onto battlefields to treat and rescue wounded soldiers. He made hundreds of jumps and saved countless lives. The political scientist in me perked up and took advantage of the opportunity to learn about his experiences during the war and his life after discharge. I assumed, given his military medical training, that he would have chosen to attend medical school or stay in a healthcare-related field. In fact, he opted to enroll at a prestigious research university and become an engineer. Not exactly your typical college student.

By Kelmscott Communications on 7/8/2016 1:00 AM

"Mom. Mom! MOOOOM! Look. At. This." My kids like to show me their artwork. Usually there is a lot of it – which is great, because I love to check it out. I like to see how my littlest one is learning to stay in the lines or what my middle-man’s favorite color is today. My oldest likes to try new techniques inspired by her favorite artists. (Wayne Thiebaud, anyone?) My secret as a mom is that their art tells me a story, and I learn a lot about them through these stories.

By Kelmscott Communications on 7/1/2016 1:00 AM

I received a nice phone call the other day. An executive from a large enterprise company called with a marketing problem in need of outside agency expertise. Someone mentioned that I could help them. The caller researched me online and said: "Looks like you are the demand generation guy at Kelmscott, and I need demand gen."