By Kelmscott Communications on 3/24/2015 3:13 PM

I just attended the Illinois State Hockey Championship featuring team Glenbard, a blended team of our hometown high schools, versus Maine.  Glenbard won with an amazing OT goal.  It was a great game of ups and downs, surges and retreats, with each of the players having highs and lows of their own.  But the one thing that struck me early on in the game was the apparent lack of energy and push by Glenbard.  On the way home I was reflecting on the game and the amount of energy we bring to work.

By Kelmscott Communications on 3/11/2015 3:11 PM

I had a great opportunity this last week to participate in a client meeting with one of our sales representatives.  As part of an ongoing initiative, we are aligning each of our representatives with specific experts within our company.  This particular company was in the process of launching marketing automation and linking automation to their CRM and individual sales and marketing programs and I happen to be one of the guys on deck.  On the surface, it probably is not much to write about but as I thought more about the meeting it made me think more about the importance of un