By Kelmscott Communications on 8/19/2014 2:49 PM

We all know the power of referrals in sales and marketing - they have been driving business and personal relationships for years.  When someone you trust suggests something to you, it simply carries more weight.  Most of the time a decision to purchase one item over another will be swayed by a referral.  In large part I owe my career to referrals and it’s been good.  Testimonials on your website and in collateral can be the one thing that gets you to the next level or to a close.  All to say, referrals work.

By Kelmscott Communications on 8/8/2014 2:45 PM

This week I saw the headline, “This year’s top 20 party schools”, and it instantly caught my eye.  You see I have an incoming freshman to college this fall and so I cautiously clicked the link.  I clicked slowly and scrolled down the list hoping that my son’s new school was not on the infamous list.  As if somehow, if I viewed it slow enough, that it would change.  Like so many parents across the country, I flashed back to my own college years, and remembered the stereotype of attending a “party school”.  So as I viewed the school