By Kelmscott Communications on 4/25/2014 10:11 AM

Getting to know the customer, the role of data, and being findable are top trends highlighted in a marketing trends report that we released this week. We considered both client campaigns and industry research in preparing the report, which offers valuable insight into where companies may want to invest resources as they plan upcoming marketing

Highlights from “Tie the Marketing Knot: 10 Trends for the Successful Suitor” include:

By Kelmscott Communications on 4/11/2014 1:57 PM

After a nice run this morning I sat on my front porch drinking my coffee and watching the sunrise while listening to the birds and the sound of Spring.  Then I noticed the neighbors walking their dogs, one after the other, probably 4 in a row.  The dogs seemingly walking their owners, almost as if the dog had the owner on a leash and was saying ‘yo, let’s go, keep up’.  You know you have heard it before – what would an alien think if they watched us and saw us following behind our dogs and picking up their stuff – you know what I mean – who

By Kelmscott Communications on 4/6/2014 1:52 PM

I was duped yet again this last week.  Duped by the beautiful images, the vivid descriptions, the smiling faces of happy customers - duped into believing something would be better than had historically been proven otherwise.  This week I bought a newly introduced hamburger that was not all that good.