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Sustainable Initiatives from Kelmscott Communications

Kelmscott Communications is moving on multiple fronts to enhance the sustainability of its products and services and maintain its place as a leader in responsible printing practices. Below are some of the significant steps we have taken to ensure that Kelmscott, as well as our clients, are responsible stewards of the environment.

  • Recycling
    • Paper: approximately 30,000 lbs per week / 1,500,000 lbs per year.
    • Aluminum: 1,100 lbs of aluminum per month / over 13,000 lbs per year.
    • Make Ready sheets: Avg. 250-300 jobs per month > make 3,000-5,000 impressions on 1 page w/in this time.
    • All corrugated boxes are recycled after use.
    • All copier/printers’ toner cartridges are recycled.

  • Eco-friendly Products
    • Soy Ink: eco-friendly ink, with less harmful bi-products
    • Trupress UV Ink: Zero VOC output
    • Digital presses: Zero VOC output
    • Mitsubishi Offset Aqueous ink: Low VOC output

  • Employee awareness and participation
    • Employees are encouraged to follow and promote sustainable practices in every aspect of their duties.
    • Every office and every desk is provided with both a waste and recycling bin.